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......@@ -30,13 +30,18 @@ def main(corpus_path: pathlib.Path):
trees: Dict[str, Tuple[str, conllu.TokenList]] = dict()
print("Per file:")
total_tokens = 0
total_trees = 0
for f in corpus_path.glob("*.conllu"):
with open(f) as in_stream:
file_trees = list(conllu.parse_incr(in_stream))
trees.update((t.metadata["sent_id"], (f.stem, t)) for t in file_trees)
n_trees = len(file_trees)
n_tokens = sum(len(t) for t in file_trees)
n_trees = len(file_trees)
total_tokens += n_tokens
total_trees += n_trees
print("Tokens repartition:")
with open(corpus_path / "split.json") as in_stream:
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