Commit 6806a368 authored by Christine Plumejeaud's avatar Christine Plumejeaud
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'api' for reading fieldnames

parent ad0383ce
......@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ def readFieldnames(api, schema='navigoviz') :
schema = 'ports'
query = """SELECT %s as API,
query = """SELECT '%s' as API,
c.column_name as name,
case when c.table_name= 'built_travels' then 't' else (case when c.table_name= 'port_points' then 'pp' else 'p' end) end||navigo.pystrip(to_char(c.ordinal_position::int, '009')) as shortname,
c.data_type as type, pgd.description as description
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