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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on Mon Aug 23 16:39:24 2021
@author: Michael Nauge (Université de Poitiers)
import NklTarget as nklT
import nklUtils as nklUt
def put_collections_datas_rights_test():
# un objet de connexion à nakala test (avec key api)
# unakala2 : f41f5957-d396-3bb9-ce35-a4692773f636
nklT_test = nklT.NklTarget(isNakalaProd=False, apiKey="f41f5957-d396-3bb9-ce35-a4692773f636")
collectionId = "10.34847/nkl.b0dd3qxb"
userGroupId = "cb5f5980-056e-11ec-9b31-52540084ccd3"
role = "ROLE_ADMIN"
listR = nklUt.put_collections_datas_rights(nklT_test, collectionId, userGroupId, role)
for rep in listR:
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