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Mise à jour du § et liens de l'historique des bases ISIDORE (fr et en).

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......@@ -56,6 +56,8 @@ For more information, you can consult our blog post on the subject: [Isidore spe
ISIDORE is updated, incrementally, on average once a month. Why this delay? In addition to harvesting and indexing documents, ISIDORE enriches them with concepts from scientific repositories (thesauri, taxonomies, etc.). This semantic enrichment is automatic and allows us to offer you suggestions for reading to help you discover documents other than those you were looking for. This requires a certain amount of processing and calculation time.
The updates of the documents with which you are associated, which will thus be proposed in your user account as documents to be claimed, will also be done monthly.
The ISIDORE's change log is available on [](
### What is the circuit for adding collections in ISIDORE?
Two scenarios:
......@@ -64,6 +64,8 @@ Les mises à jour des documents vous concernant, qui vous seront ainsi
proposés dans votre compte utilisateur comme des documents à
revendiquer, suivront elles aussi ce rythme mensuel de mise à jour.
L'historique des mises à jour d'ISIDORE est disponible sur [](
### Quel est le circuit d'ajout de collections dans ISIDORE ?
Deux cas de figure :
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