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......@@ -7,13 +7,18 @@ _Wikibase bots for the "Données financières historiques (DFIH)" project_
git clone
cd dfih-wikibase/
npm install
cp .env.template .env
Edit `src/config.js` to change database informations. Then
Customize `.env` variables (see next sections for details).
npm install
## Register script as a MediaWiki bot
- go to the `Special:BotPasswords` special page of your Wikibase instance
- give the name `{username}@dfih-importer` to the bot for example (update `MEDIAWIKI_BOT_USERNAME` accordingly)
- check "Edit existing pages" and "Create, edit, and move pages" grants
- copy the generated password to `MEDIAWIKI_BOT_PASSWORD`
## Update Wikibase with DFIH issuers
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