Commit 304c1586 authored by Emmanuel Raviart's avatar Emmanuel Raviart
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Add CORS support.

parent 301cde85
......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ use tantivy::schema::Schema;
use tantivy::DocAddress;
use tantivy::Document;
use tantivy::Index;
use tower_web::middleware::cors::{AllowedOrigins, CorsBuilder};
use tower_web::{Response, ServiceBuilder};
......@@ -149,9 +150,14 @@ fn run_serve(data_dir: &Path, addr: &SocketAddr) -> tantivy::Result<()> {
let cors = CorsBuilder::new()
.allow_origins(AllowedOrigins::Any { allow_null: true })
println!("Listening on http://{}", addr);
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