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# Details
This file contains explanation about JSON exports from
General concerns are described below
For each database, please read the of the related directory
## Directories
Each directory is name after the database slug on
Each one contains a .json file that list every published records and fields
## Licence
All records are published under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 licence
For details, please read the following page
## JSON Files
_source :
value : name/title of the record/oject
status : record/object id published (2) or not (1). Every record/ojbect in this repo has been tagged as "puclished" by its owner
user : username of the record's creator
object_id => id of the record/object
object_name => name/title of the record/object
object_type => type of the record/object (usually "acte")
object_url => URL of the record/object
gitlab => URL of the GitLab repo
project_id : database/project id
project_slug : database/project slug, as it is used in the URL :{project_slug}
project_label : real Label of the database/project
licence : creative common licence (plain text)
licence_url : creative common licence URL
last_update : date (Y-m-d) of the last update
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